We are independent company with 100% of polish capital. We offer a wide range of solutions for business entities who generate waste. We are dedicated to helping our customers to reduce their environmental impact by continued research and development in new and modern technologies.

about us

Inter-Eco s is a new company formed in response to the demand of ever-growing market of recycling in Poland. Location in the center of the country allows us to cooperate with partners from across the Polish territory. We are a private company, created by people with passion and experience. Our business partners are well-known companies located across Europe and the far East. We are engaged directly in commercial market as well as industrial manufacturing all sorts of waste.


If you run a commercial activity, you are a manufacturer, owner, holder of the waste or recycling center and you don’t bale your waste, it is important to be armed with the right tools. We can provide you with the right kind of tools according to the amount and type of waste generated. Our network providers have proven our tools and solutions relevant for the proper management of secondary raw materials.

waste paper

Waste paper is any worn or damaged paper forms suitable for reuse in industry, for purposes other than they were originally used. It is one of the basic raw materials for paper production. Due to the vague criteria and overextended division of waste classification is in practice difficult to use. The collection and processing of waste paper used is often divided into the following types BOND RECYCLED:

• strong waste including waste bags, corrugated cardboard and preparations non green kraft pulp,

• waste includes products of white and milk from bleached pulp,

• mixed waste paper consisting of undifferentiated,

• waste containing waste paper rubbish coming from the bins or dumps.


LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) is commonly used to manufacture pallet wrap, construction film, packaging film and containers throughout the world. We purchase baled LDPE film in full or part consignments. For suppliers with storage constraints, we offer a ‘mixed bale’ collection service which means we can collect other waste plastic packaging on the same vehicle.

The grades of LDPE Plastic we purchase are most commonly:

• 98/2 LDPE Film (typically from distribution centres and retailers)

• 95/5 LDPE film (5% contamination which includes paper and labels)

• 90/10 LDPE Film

• 80/20 LDPE Film

• LDPE Jazz (mixed colour)


• Wash Grade LDPE Film